This year, Asiance will be the main partner and co-organizer of the Lift Conference in Asia.

Lift is an international Conference, originally from Europe (having taken place in both Geneva and Marseille) and now in Korea. It focuses on future trends and the social impact of new technologies through a mix of presentations and interactive installations. Previous speakers include Vince Cerf (“Father of the Internet”), Florence Devouard (Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation), Jaewoong Lee (Founder of the Korean portal Daum), famous authors (including Bruce Sterling), artists, researchers, investors, designers, etc.

This year, Lift Asia will take place on September 3 & 4 on Jeju Island. The theme of the conference this year is “Serious Fun!”.

The Internet started as platform for academics, then it became a huge business platform. Now it is an entertainment playground for users. People spend time having fun on the Social Web, access virtual worlds on their cell phones or interact with robots and networked objects. But we believe these services and platforms go far beyond mere leisure: their usage may reveal new social practices that will spread in other contexts (business, education), and the services first targeted at entertainment can lead to original innovations. This year’s Lift Asia will focus on the lessons we can draw for fields such as general innovation, sociology, management, business, design and education.

This year’s Lift Asia will focus on the lessons we can draw from fields such as sociology, management, business, design, education, and general innovation. We think it’s a great opportunity for everyone to get new ideas, inspiration, and to get ready for the changes ahead.

You can find out more on the Lift Asia Website, and you can also contact us if you need more information.

We’ll post some updates about Lift regularly on this blog, and we hope to see you on Jeju Island in September!