The world has transformed in the years between 2000 and 2010. Ten years ago, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the iPhone did not exist. Yet even as the world has evolved, the emotional resonance of symbols such as B.zero1’s spiral design have remained timeless and universal.

At this juncture of the past and future, Bvlgari invited internationally acclaimed artist Anish Kapoor to reinterpret their iconic B.zero1 ring.  Mr. Kapoor’s interpretation draws on the play of curved forms and reflective surfaces of some of his greatest artworks – elements common to B.zero1, which is both point and continuum.

Bvlgari’s online B.zero1 campaign salutes the spirit of Anish Kapoor’s art and B.zero1 – timeless, evolving, mysterious, and mesmerizing. Asian social network sites will be added to the micro-site to enhance the local experience and viral effect.