Have you ever wondered which airline Lee Cheongyong, loved by Korean football fans, uses for his trips from Seoul to Manchester and vice versa?

Okay, now you know the answer. It’s KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and on top of that, you can learn why he keeps using it as well at www.klmevent.com.

Asiance created a fun cartoon featuring Lee talking about why he favors flying with KLM. You can enjoy the cartoon, answer a simple question, and win trendy and expensive goods. And that’s not all! We made it easy for you to share this with your friends, and a simple sharing act gives you a chance to instant prizes too. You can get up to 6 chances. Asiance also flew to Manchester and interviewed the shy but friendly football player about his partnership with KLM. The simple concept of ‘revealing the secrets of Lee’ led many people through to the campaign. Over 1,700 people participated during the first three days after the launch.

The campaign will continue until the 14th of December so go meet our here and try your chance at winning here: http://www.klmevent.com