To celebrate Asiance’s 8th anniversary the whole agency jetted off for a weekend trip to Hong Kong and Macau. Everybody was excited and looking forward to enjoying the good life in these bustling places! The fun already began at Incheon airport with team members hitting the stores to do some serious tax-free shopping.

After a good night rest and a delicious breakfast we visited many of Hong Kong’s highlights. We started off at Repulse Bay, went on to Hollywood Road, checked the famous Bruce Lee statue and ended the day with a spectacular view of the city by night from the Hong Kong peak. After arriving back at the hotel it was time to hit the bar and enjoy some cool cocktails and cold beers.

Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps and so did many team members…the second day some of us had a bit of trouble getting up. After visiting one of Hong Kong’s biggest temples we jumped on the jet speed ferry to Macau. A completely different world awaited us, with a beautiful historic city center and massive luxury casino’s. Only few of us managed to leave the casino with more money than what we came with. In the evening we went back to Hong Kong to catch the airplane to Seoul. The end of a great trip!