Together with Royal Dutch Airlines KLM, we launched the world’s first NFC airport game at Incheon airport in Korea. Travelers were invited to play a mobile quiz and could win access to the airport’s VIP lounge or shopping vouchers

KLM operates daily flights between Seoul and Amsterdam. To make more people aware of this and also promote KLM services, the airline organized a mobile game for travelers waiting in line at Incheon airport. The concept for the game was created and designed by Asiance. Travelers were invited to play a short quiz on their mobile phones. The time to complete the game was kept short on purpose so travelers could play while waiting in line to check-in their luggage. If they managed to answer all the questions right they had a chance to win access to the VIP lounge to spend some quality time before take-off.

Near Field Communication (NFC) was used to provide easy access to the game. By waving their smartphone over the NFC tag on the campaign billboard at the airport, the game was launched on the traveler’s mobile instantly. Besides NFC it was also possible to start the game by scanning a QR code or entering the mobile web address.

The campaign kicked off on Mid January and will end on Mid March. During this period new winners will be announced every day.