Last week our work using Beacon technology was featured in one of the most popular Korean travel magazines, Korea Travel Times (여행신문).

During the past year we launched multiple projects including Beacons for our clients, and most of these projects, taking the form of smartphone quizzes, were highly acclaimed by customers. To carry on with this success we hope to provide even more thrilling experiences through new amazing concepts in the following year!

As small devices, Beacons can be easily hidden from consumers’ eyes, allowing interesting and innovative marketing initiatives. The idea is that customers can receive messages to their smartphones from beacons every time they approach one. These messages can differ from one beacon to another, and thus they allow creating a wide range of games, quizzes and highly targeted content for the customers.

Beacon technology is increasingly being used in the retail industry, but its endless possibilities could provide great opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry as well. As Jina Jang, Director of Strategy at Asiance said: Installing Beacons in a tourist city can make the visit more pleasant for instance by allowing the city to give out gifts every time a tourist completes a tour of all the attractions the town has to offer. Shops can also use the technology to send out coupons to people who pass by the front doors of the store, and so on. The greatness of Beacons is that they can be used in various ways to enrich the customer experience.

Check out the article on Korea Travel Times through the link below to learn more about Asiance and its expertise!