Asiance recently launched a new digital Beacon experience at the famous French dining lounge, Atelier du Saint-Ex (, in the heart of Seoul! 

A beacon is a low-power Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE 4.0) device that delivers marketing messages to the customer’s smartphone within a radius of 70 meters. The device can identify a customer’s location in the store, and send the customer customized messages or provide information. Also, if used at retailer’s, the customer may receive customized service when connecting to the beacon that provides the shopping history of the user from a retail database. For example, coupons can be sent to customers who are contemplating in front of certain products, or customers near the store may be encouraged to visit the store by sending them promotional messages.

The beacon has been used before by offline brands in the United States, France, Japan, and so on, but in Korea, only digital agencies have experimented with the technology. Now Atelier du Saint-Ex has become the first offline company in Korea to use the beacon in their marketing.

In the French dining lounge, customers may participate in quiz events through the beacon application. The quiz questions are sent to the smartphones of the diners and they receive badges for the right answers. After collecting all the badges the customer may receive a special prize.

Download the Android application now and play with us next time you visit. Download here: