Asiance recently announced its planned business expansion into South East Asiafor later this year. This exciting news was taken up by multiple news websites like and Learn about the motivation behind the expansion, explained by Asiance CEOs, Bosun Kim and Olivier Mouroux.

Over the last ten years, Asiance has gained exceptional expertise providing services to local and global clients from the headquarters in Korea. As one of the most prestigious digital agencies in the marketing industry in Northeast Asia, we now wish to leverage this experience to bring our services to clients in Southeast Asia.

“We are unique in that we bring a strong technical marketing knowledge base from the west and combine that with localized knowledge to provide a suite of services that are specific to the Asia Pacific region,” explained Olivier Mouroux. “We are now in a strong position to expand our service offering to clients in Southeast Asia, based on several projects we have conducted in the region over the last three years,” he added.

Asiance is now gearing their expertise towards brands whose main venue for business expansion activities in Southeast Asian markets. These include Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia initially, with the expectation that additional markets will be added as demand grows.

Bosun Kim believes that Asiance has benefitted from operating in Korea, which boasts the highest internet and smartphone penetration in the world. She says this experience has enabled Asiance to build and optimize highly technical branding and e-commerce platforms in Korea that present a huge opportunity for advertisers across the Asia Pacific. “Through these technologies which we pioneered in Korea, we aim to make a meaningful contribution to the Southeast Asian market. We relish the opportunity of delivering high impact digital marketing solutions in our new geographies and helping our clients gain the best possible returns from their investment with us,” she concluded.