Outstanding! In mid-September, Asiance opened the American Express’ Naver blog alongside an event to celebrate the launch. The first 300 people to subscribe could win a Starbucks coffee coupon. The event was so successful it finished in only 15 minutes!! What great results!

Last July, Asiance also ran an Amazon promotion on the Amex Facebook page, pushed by digital PR and blogger postings. The promotion got more than 4,000 likes and 115 comments, and a CTR of 3.4%. This promotion was the biggest in Amex’s history and delivered a large success.

In September, Asiance ran another promotion event with Terre de Glace, a Korean organic ice cream chain. Amex cardholders could buy an assortment of ice creams and have it delivered for a very attractive price. Initially designed as a seven-day promotion, the 500 units planned for the event were sold-out after only three and a half days! The event was a complete success, given the fact it was only pushed through Facebook.

These case studies are great examples to show the effectiveness of Facebook – the number one social channel in Korea – as a strong marketing channel to generate user engagement and participation in special events.