3M is a truly global corporation that provides an essential business in a variety of industries. The company is well known for several product lines, with brands like Post It, Scotch Brite and Scotch, in particular, being household names within the Korean market.

Asiance launched the 3M e-consumer marketing platform to help connect 3M’s various consumer brands to the external e-commerce sales that they have. This marketing platform is a hub for its sales and it was built for both mobile and PC.

The main purpose of the 3M e-commerce marketing platform is to increase the awareness of not only their well-known brands but also their lesser-known brands such as Commend, Nexcare, and Futuro. It gathers all the stories of each brand together and integrates their digital marketing activities into a single unified platform.

We believe that 3M can increase their brand awareness through consumer platform activities and it comes up to the Korean consumers familiarly. Also, we expect 3M to be able to develop closer and more effective marketing communication through this platform.

Follow the link to explore the new consumer platform now! http://consumercare.3m.co.kr/