In South Korea, women have only 56% of the economic opportunities compared to men.

We stand for Women’s Rights and want to forge a more inclusive, gender-equal world. To celebrate International Women’s Day 2017 our team decided to launch two initiatives in support to this day and to create awareness.

We released a video highlighting our 45 amazing female team members, who support our clients and strengthen our agency every day.

They represent a total of 70% of our team members and 80% of top management. In our industry, it is too rare to have such a high percentage of women in top executive positions.

Working with Asiance Lab teams, we kickstarted the “Wonderful Woman” Challenge on Instagram.
The challenge to participate was to let everyone know women are wonderful, by sharing a power pose photo and tagging a friend to share their own power pose. We also asked men to join the campaign by doing the same and share why they think women are wonderful.

Campaign participants used the following hashtag to join #WondefulWomanChallenge #원더풀우먼챌린지
Like them, we believe all women are wonderful and they deserve to be respected.