Let’s talk about music. With the rise of the K-wave and the international fame and fortune it has brought for Korean idols and artists such as BTS and PSY, it’s no doubt that music is a force to be reckoned with in the Korean market. Which begs the question: What channel are Korean consumers using to listen to and engage with the music industry?

The answer is Melon. Melon is South Korea’s largest music subscription service, boasting over 28 million subscribers. The owner of Melon is Kakao M which is a subsidiary of Kakao. Due to this connection, Kakao has native integration with Melon, making it more convenient and accessible for Korean users. Through the Melon app not only can users can stream and download music and music videos, but they can also create custom ringtones and “music statuses” on Kakao.

Recently Asiance worked closely with CHANEL to engage Korean consumers through Melon. Our mission was to expand Chanel’s customer touchpoints on local digital music platforms and communicate through locally created podcasts and music playlists.

To accomplish this Asiance launched Chanel’s Melon Brand page to publish playlists curated by Chanel ambassadors and friends. The Brand DJ page consists of 10 CHANEL 3.55 podcast series and 9 celebrity playlists like Jennie, Kim Go Eun or Pharrell Williams playlist were made exclusively for the CHANEL x Melon launch.

Asiance has been part of the entire journey, from preparation to the launching of the Brand DJ page. They especially had the honor of full creation (research, scriptwriting, and production) of the CHANEL in Seoul podcast series with 5 episodes starring global and local guests: Kristen Stewart, SooJoo, Ryeon Won Jung. Su Yong Jo and Caroline de Maigret.

If you are a Melon user, check out and follow the new Chanel Brand DJ page!