“The Largest Positive Impact Gathering in the World.”
These are the first words that can be found on the website of the ChangeNOW summit, and they encompass the identity and mission of ChangeNOW–to gather or bring together Positive Impact leaders around the world. The summit took place from January 30th to February 1st, 2020 in Le Grand Palais, Paris, and did just that.

“We are not here to think, we are here to ACT!”
With over 28,000+ participants from 120 countries, ChangeNOW hosted 1,000 solutions & innovations of positive impact. The summit itself is less about “talking” and more of a demonstration of the actions and changes that can and are taking place. In this sense, ChangeNOW is an exciting platform for transformative adventure to drive change and tackle the greatest environmental and social challenges ahead of us.

“Brandtech Partner”
Asiance co-founder and co-president of the French Tech Community Seoul, Bosun Kim was with 3 Korean startups that were selected during the Korea/France Tech4Good Summit organized last November. With our new identity as a Brandtech partner, part of our new initiative is to support startups and contribute to positive-impact businesses. Bosun’s participation in ChangeNOW with these Korean startups signals this movement to expand our horizons to higher causes.

A huge thanks to the ChangeNOW team for these wonderful 3 days of experiencing innovative and life-changing leaders’ solutions!