Asiance, the first Brandtech Partner in Asia is constantly welcoming global-minded digital specialists (marketers, designers, developers…) to join our team in Seoul and Tokyo.

Discover more about our company, our recruitment process, and the skills we are looking for, based on an interview for KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency).

  1. What are Asiance’s plans for recruitment this year? 

Asiance (both Korea & Japan) recruits year-round. As the digital field becomes increasingly relevant in all industries, Asiance has continued to grow since its inception in 2004 and we have been hiring likewise. We hired 20 people in 2019 and plan to hire more than 10 people from this point in 2020.

  1. What steps can candidates expect in the recruitment process?

Recruitment notices are posted on various social media channels and on our company website. Applications are processed through the HR platform that can be accessed through the links on these recruitment notices. After preliminary resume screening, candidates can expect the first interview with working-level employees, and then a second interview with company executives in the recruitment process. For developers or designers, we may request an additional coding test or portfolio for the first interview.

  1. What is the most common way that candidates are recruited? (ex. Online job portal notice, etc. ) 

We regularly post job openings on our company website, in the “Join Us” submenu (, various social media channels, and major local/global online job portals. Also, we connect with our vast network of previous/current Asiancers (Asiance employees) to discover the most talented candidates in the industry. Our company co-founders are always participating and interacting in meetings and events within the digital, innovation, and startup ecosystems to meet with talented potential Asiancers.

  1. As a recruitment manager, what skills do you consider to be essential in a candidate? 

While many candidates have an interest in the digital industry, preference is given to candidates who have practical working skills and experience in the digital field. Additionally, Asiance’s dynamic work-culture and multinational team predicate a need for working-level English speaking ability, an open mind, and the ability to freely express thoughts logically. Candidates who meet these needs typically fit well with our company.

  1. From the company’s perspective, what is the most difficult aspect of the recruitment process?

Currently, in the domestic job market, there is a limited pool of candidates with high-level experience in the digital industry, which also have working-level English capability. Many candidates experience a lot of pressure regarding the English working environment–however, even one of our co-founders began with no experience studying abroad and believes that with clear vision and willpower, a lack of English working experience is not a big issue. Competent candidates with practical professional skills will still be able to work effectively with the help of native/native-proficiency English speaking co-workers. 

  1. As a current employee, what do you consider to be Asiance’s strengths?

First, Asiance works with global clients in various languages such as English, French, Japanese, and Korean, so employees can get the experience of working abroad while living in Korea, with the added potential of actually improving foreign language proficiency during day-to-day work. Secondly, employees are given the unique opportunity to work with leading global clients and experience digital marketing with popularly adored brands. This aspect can be a big advantage in building a career portfolio. Third, which I personally consider being the biggest advantage, is the horizontally structured work culture that allows for free and open communication. Employees can freely express their thoughts regardless of the level of command and can receive a promotion if their abilities are recognized regardless of the work period. Fourth and finally, by our CEO’s philosophy that employees should maintain the best condition to produce the best outcome in their work, Asiance prioritizes checking and respecting the work-life balance of its employees.

  1. Any additional comments or tips for job seekers? (such as free form, company/recruitment specifics)

Working as a leading digital agency partner of global companies for the past 16 years, we have accumulated outstanding expertise and a vast network that allows us today to evolve as a Brandtech partner, expanding our services to not only implement digital marketing, but also to partner with leading global companies, and helping them develop sustainable innovative solutions. We’re always welcoming talented applicants who desire to be a front-runner in the digital/innovation industry. Visit our company social channels (,, to learn more about our company’s latest activities.