Asiance Korea, a digital marketing company, and Global Research, a marketing/social data research organization, signed a strategic business agreement (MoU).

Behind the business agreement between the two companies, there are intentions to meet the demand for data-driven understanding of customer needs in the increasingly important digital environment, sophisticated collection and analysis of data based on customer value, and marketing consulting and implementation support.

Through this business agreement, the two companies seek to establish their leading position as advanced market insight providers by developing and servicing sophisticated research and analysis tools, to evolve together with the changing digital ecosystem. 

Asiance Korea and Global Research have been working together since 2018, carrying out joint projects that required deeper data-analysis based insights. In 2019, they conducted consumer surveys to enhance global beauty editing shops’ understanding of Korean consumers, as well as support global cybersecurity software localization in Korea. Based on these results, the two companies are now further initiating joint projects to establish strategic, data-driven e-commerce UX consulting, and digital marketing strategies in Korea.

They also plan to conduct detailed consumer trend surveys for specific industries or product lines that lack sufficient data analytics and insights. Following the strategic business agreement, the two companies are immediately preparing for a joint research project on Korean luxury consumers, which is expected to yield unprecedented data-analytics based insights providing a much needed deeper perspective of Korean consumers/market for various luxury/premium market officials.

Asiance Korea was started in Seoul in 2004, and has since established its presence in the digital marketing, UI/UX, and marketing/consulting sectors for global brands that have entered Asia, especially Korea. Asiance Korea has been working with around 350 brands in Asia’s digital marketing industry for 16 years, working closely on a number of projects for global luxury brands, taking a leading position in Korea’s luxury digital marketing.

By re-positioning itself as Asia’s first brand-tech partner in 2020, the company is expanding its business to strengthen existing services and new business areas, with the aim of providing innovative digital services that combine technology and creativity. Asiance Korea, along with future business leaders and global brands, have been striving to extract the greatest potential and most value in the digital market, and ultimately create positive impact. This agreement is an extension of this vision.

Global Research is a research firm established in 2004 that provides market and public opinion surveys, marketing consulting,etc., with capabilities for advanced data analytics. Global Research has a vast panel of more than a million in the survey pool, ranging from general consumers to high-end luxury consumers, and has the capacity to address marketing issues from a macro perspective, as they have experience carrying out various government policy challenges related to consumers, economy and distribution. The company also has large global consumer panels as well as global local partners, enabling global market and consumer research. In addition, Global Research also has prior UX consulting experience to build web/apps in various fields such as E-commerce, telecommunications, IT, and others, which will allow them to make a bigger leap forward through collaboration with Brandtech partner, Asiance.