Sharing Asiance’s Expertise and Insights

We are excited to share that we have launched Asiance Academy. Come visit us now! As industry experts in digital marketing, it’s important for us to share the knowledge and the know-how that we have gained over the past 17 years. We strive to provide to our clients and partners the most up-to-date information and expertise to further the digital marketing ecosystem.

Our goal with the new services is to provide our clients and partners with customized workshops and knowledge transfer services’ that provide key growth information for their specific fields of business acceleration. There are workshops that help align HQ and local office’s understanding of the Korean Digital Landscape or workshops customized to your digital transformational needs. Additionally, the ‘Knowledge Transfer’ services include the latest insights and reports on luxury trends, the Korean Digital Ecosystem, and many more.


The three types of workshops we offer are:

●Digital Workshop: Korean Digital Landscape – for individuals
●Digital Workshop: Korean Digital Landscape – for businesses
●Digital Focus Workshop

‘The Digital Workshop: Korean Digital Landscape – for individuals’ is a collaborative and networking space for you to meet others who are interested in coming to and/ or expanding in Korea. The ideation activities will enhance your capability to build your customer journey in Korea. The ‘for business’ edition of this Digital Workshop allows you to join as a company or brand, and to ideate on examples that were custom made for your needs. Create and collaborate with your colleagues to build the customer journey you need for Korea. Lastly, ‘Digital Focus Workshops’ are a variety of workshops for brands that would like to tackle their underlying challenges and opportunities. These workshops include an educational section on a topic requested from the brand with an optional guest speaker to provide in-depth insights.  



We offer three types of knowledge transfer services:

●Introduction to Digital Korea 
●Luxury Consumer Research Report
●Understanding and Localizing in the Korean Digital Ecosystem

‘Introduction to Digital Korea’ is a presentation that offers an overview of Korean consumers, local e-commerce and social networks, and the newest trends and inspiration from the digital world of Korea. ‘Luxury Consumer Research Report’ is an exclusive annual study that highlights changes and analyzes Korean luxury consumer behavior in South Korea and emerging trends that impacted the digital luxury scene. The last Knowledge Transfer service is ‘Understanding and Localizing in the Korean Digital Ecosystem’. These two services are designed to help companies to understand the digital situations in Korea for decision-making purposes. Therefore, they provide an understanding on South Korea’s digital ecosystem and how to localize e-commerce. The deliverables provide insights through data and best practice cases in Korea.



Insights will lead you to our latest ‘insight postings’ that will get you interested to learn more on different topics on digital marketing in Korea. What sets Asiance apart is the knowledge we have built over 17 years and using that to provide consulting and recommendations for success in Korea. Ranging from the top MZ generation fashion platform to why KakaoTalk Gifts are a big deal in Korea, there are a variety of topics to deepen your look into Korea. There is a new topic released every month, so be sure to check it out! (