The pop-up store culture is predominant in South Korea. In Seoul, the Seongsu district is particularly known for these types of temporary shops. Given their popularity, consumers need to reserve spots several days in advance This way, the brand enhances the customer experience and can gather interesting insights. Otherwise, the line can be huge and people can wait for hours.

From exhibitions to pop-up stores and boutique visits, a booking site can be a game-changer for various types of events. It makes it easier for visitors to reserve their spots and allows organizers to collect insightful data that can inform future decisions and strategies. 

Here’s a closer look at how Asiance can help elevate your event experience:

Increase Campaign Awareness

One of the first steps to hosting a successful event is raising awareness. By reaching a wider audience, you can drive more traffic to your booking site and increase engagement.
As mentioned in our report that you can request, 92.2% of Korean Gen Zs have visited pop-up stores, indicating significant demand for these immersive spaces. Notably, 81.6% of visitors reported a positive change in their brand perception, with 52.7% trying or buying the brand’s products and services.

Gen Z who visited pop up stores in Seoul

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Tailored Customization

Unlike other platforms that offer standard templates, Asiance takes customization to the next level. Every aspect of your booking site, from functionalities to design, can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and align with your brand identity. This ensures a professional and cohesive experience for your attendees.

Asiance created a specific website for Van Cleef & Arpels that enables users to make reservations for special exhibitions hosted by the brand. We developed a booking website allowing users to book and modify their visits conveniently. Asiance designed each page according to Van Cleef & Arpels’ design guidelines, ensuring the brand’s unique aesthetic and the collection’s look and feel are properly represented. With this reservation system, we enhanced the user experience with an easy and intuitive booking process. We also developed an attractive and immersive main page design that reflects the new collection. We offered reservation management, a data dashboard, and integrated Kakao API for AlimTalk and Sync.

Comprehensive Features and Flexibility

With Asiance, you get access to a rich set of features and flexibility. Whether it’s the implementation process, regular updates, or scalability. You can customize reservation types, back-end features, and front-end features to suit your needs and preferences.

For example, Asiance delivered different websites for Vacheron Constantin to meet all of their requirements. We developed a landing page for a flagship store in Ginza, showcasing the Vacheron Constantin x Mafune Gonjo’s new collection. Here, our focus was on imbuing the website with the collection’s distinctive identity branding design. Furthermore, we integrated the landing page with Vacheron Constantin’s reservation system.

Vacheron Constantin booking site Korea

Ownership of Data and Robust Support

When you choose Asiance, you retain full ownership of your data. Unlike other platforms where data control might be limited, Asiance ensures that you have access to valuable insights that can drive your business forward. Plus, our support and maintenance services provide a dedicated point of contact, ensuring smooth operations around the clock.

For instance for Bulgari, we developed an interactive Christmas-themed campaign website featuring a registration system. Users could take a quiz to receive personalized product recommendations and then book a visit to a Boutique for a counseling session based on their results. This website facilitated data collection and fostered an interactive campaign to drive visits to offline Boutiques and encourage product purchases.

Bulgari booking site Korea

Audience Reach and Analytics Insights

Asiance offers a more inclusive approach, making it easier for international users to navigate and utilize the booking platform. Under Naver or Kakao booking platforms, foreigners can not book if they don’t have a Korean phone number. Even though, increasing the number of KakaoTalk channel followers remains a priority for us. That’s why, if the brand requests it, we can integrate the Kakao API for both AlimTalk delivery and Kakao Sync.
Our custom analytics and reporting tools provide detailed insights into user behavior and booking trends, empowering businesses to make informed decisions in real time.

This is precisely what we executed for Tiffany & Co. through a reservation site. As a result, a significant increase in KakaoTalk Channel followers was observed, attributed to the implementation of Kakao Sync.

Tiffany booking site Korea

Campaign Promotion and Mobile-Friendly Experience

Asiance prioritizes campaign promotion and ensures a mobile-friendly booking experience. By focusing on accessibility and user experience, we make it easier for customers to engage and book on the platform, resulting in increased conversions and loyalty.

Differentiation in Booking Site Types

With various booking sites available, including standard, advanced, and customized options, Asiance caters to diverse needs and budgets. This versatility allows businesses to choose a solution that best fits their requirements, ensuring maximum ROI and effectiveness.
Asiance offers a customizable solution for event organizers in Korea looking to streamline the booking process, increase campaign awareness, and collect valuable data. With customizable features, robust support, and advanced analytics insights, Asiance empowers businesses to host successful events that leave a lasting impression on attendees. 

Let us guide you in creating your reservation website. Whether you want to build a fully customized site or prefer to use the simpler features of Naver or Kakao, Asiance can assist you with your needs.

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