South Korea boasts a digital ecosystem unlike any other. With minimal usage of Google, the country relies heavily on its own platforms Naver and Kakao, and Line for Japan. 

KakaoTalk is used by 91% of Koreans, with 50 million monthly active users, and Line is used by 92% of the Japanese, with 86 million active users. It shows that these unknown tools in occident are predominant in Asia.

Mastering these specific tools is paramount for brands aiming to penetrate the Korean or Japanese markets. Tracking competitors on these platforms becomes essential, providing insights into market trends and enabling effective comparison of marketing strategies and communication approaches.

At Asiance, we understand the challenges foreigners face trying to establish themselves in these markets. That’s why we developed KPIBLE, a powerful tool designed to collect social data from Line and Kakao, for the luxury, cosmetics and fashion industries. With Kpible, you have access to automated data storage and customized asset tagging capabilities. Importantly, you can effortlessly import and export data, as well as create dedicated workspaces for your team.

In today’s digital landscape, seizing opportunities in foreign markets requires a nuanced understanding of their dynamics. Kpible is the indispensable platform for tracking brands in the Korean and Japanese ecosystems. Whether you’re a marketer seeking to analyze trends or a company eager to understand its competitors, Kpible offers concrete solutions for navigating these markets.

Let’s take a closer look at what KPIBLE can do for you

Competitive Analysis with Kpible

Competitive analysis is crucial for any company looking to stand out in a market. With Kpible, you can see all the activity that is going on on the market, from pictures, videos, and emoticon campaigns. You can create inspiring mood boards, and identify the ongoing trends. 

With KPIBLE, you can also analyze the number of followers, likes, shares, and comments to analyze every brand’s audience engagement. Additionally, with the brand event tracking feature, you can stay informed about your competitors’ latest initiatives.

Kpible’s Clean Data

Access to reliable and up-to-date data is mandatory to analyze the market more deeply. Kpible offers high-quality “clean data”, with the ability to convert data into CSV files for in-depth analysis. Data goes back to more than 12 months, providing valuable historical perspective. Moreover, the constant data updates allow for real-time tracking of trends and online activities.

Kpible: Key Features

In addition to providing comprehensive data and analysis, Kpible offers personalized features to meet your specific needs. You can follow and unfollow brands according to your interest, create brand sets for more effective comparative analysis, and even benefit from instant translation from Korean and Japanese to English for all types of posts.

Kpible offers a complete solution for tracking brands, analyzing trends, and understanding competitive dynamics in these unique markets. Take advantage of the opportunity: discover what Kpible can do for your business today!

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