Lucian Chung

When you create artwork, you don’t want your tools to be a hindrance that interrupts your process. – Lucian Chung


Long time illustrator, webtoon artist, and game designer Lucian Chung shares his story and tips as an illustrator. Recently he has launched the mobile game Mr. Missile, operating as the business partner, pixel animator, and artist. You can get the game now on iOS and Android. His webcomic series “Bunk & Folly” has also been featured on Webtoon & Patreon.

Bunk Folly

Can you introduce yourself and your work?

“My full name is Lucian Roy Chung. I like to create things. 

Recently, I worked on a mobile game with a programmer friend.  I created all the graphics with frame by frame animations through Photoshop. It is similar to old school 2D animations, where they make a new sheet of paper for each frame of motion, I created a new image for each frame of the game. 

I also do a web comic called “Bunk & Folly”. I started with traditional drawing + digital coloring, but now I’ve been doing it completely digitally on Photoshop.

I’ve done illustrations for magazines, a digital children’s book, and various commissions (freelance work). They are mostly character illustrations.”

Lucas Wonderful Adventures

Can you go into how you started drawing? 

“If you look at most kids in kindergarten they actually all love drawing. In fact, lot of kids love drawing- and for whatever reason- some kids stick with it and some don’t. I was one who stuck with it.

In high school, I noticed my friends went onto other things while I was still reading and drawing my own comics in my spare time. I ended up majoring in illustration in university, and as an adult it’s something I still enjoy very much.”

animation Korea

Where do you post your work digitally? What are some digital platforms you suggest for users to post their work? 

“I’m using two different platforms. One is called “Webtoon”, which is made from the Line Corporation in Japan, and the other one is called “Tapastic”. Both of these are platforms are specifically for web comics. Anyone can upload their work for free and maintain the copyright for their work.

“I also have an Instagram dedicated just to my art. I get better reach on Instagram than on Facebook, because there are fellow artists and art lovers who also follow and like my work.”


What is the general process for your artwork?

Conceptual Stage: Thinking of ideas, loosely sketching ideas

Thumbnails / Loose drawings: Draw small, rough versions of the overall image with composition + placement

Tighter pencils: Start drawing for the final image at full size, fine-tune perspectives and proportions

Inking stage: Go over pencil lines with pen and ink brush (traditional) or pen tool (Photoshop)

Color: Fill in color digitally on Photoshop

webtoon korea

“I really value technical skill. I think for an artist this is the foundation. Sure, artists want to express themselves, but in order to make it worth other people’s time, there should something attractive about it.

With that being said, I also really believe in people expressing something very original and unique. Sometimes you’ll find someone who is really strong technically, but if they’re just copying or reproducing other people’s work, I don’t think that’s very powerful. People should try to both cultivate technical skills and also express something that is personal, unique, and in their own voice.”

Can you share the process between traditional illustration to a more digital illustrating process?

Traditional Process Digital Process
  • Pencil and paper
  •  Manual tools:
    pencil, eraser, paper, pen, brush, ink, etc
  • Lines permanent
  • Physical exertion (back bending over)
  • Trash – eraser crumbs, old tools, paper, etc
  • Original images take up space + wear down
  • Wacom tablet
  • Photoshop tools: pencils, custom brushes, etc.
  • Lines/colors easily deleted and redone
  • Less physical exertion
  • Less trash
  • Images can be easily stored and accessed later for reference
  • Overall more convenient than traditional drawing

What kind of essential digital tools do you use for your illustrations? 

Powerful Computer

  • Digital artists should have a computer powerful enough to handle any software they are using

2nd monitor

  • Speeds up workflow to see reference images/second view of one’s project in Photoshop without switching between windows

Photoshop CC

  • Amazing software that does everything I want it to do and things I didn’t know I wanted to do

Wacom Tablet- Intuous Pro

  • Wacom Tablet allows me to complete an entire image digitally, from rough sketches to drawing, to coloring the final image 

Google Image Search

  • We live in an amazing era where reference images are available online, just a quick Google search away

What keeps you motivated?

“We all want to be heard in one sense or another. For some people, just talking to their friends is enough, but I think for certain types of people, including myself, we’re not as open with our words sometimes.

If I’m experiencing a strong emotion, I want to express that through a work of art. And sometimes, I enjoy the sheer beauty of creating something that’s nice to look- it can be funny or beautiful. I can create something for myself but I think it reaches another level when I can share that with someone.”

animation korean artist

To know more about Lucian, you can visit his site here or read his webtoons. You can also follow him on Instagram or Facebook. Catch up with his t-shirt designs or download his game on iOs or Google Play .