Talk Deal – Get Products at a Low Price and Earn Kakao Points

Previously, we got to see what KakaoTalk Talk Deal was about. To recap, Talk Deal is a service that features discounts under the condition that at least two people gather or auction to purchase the products. The benefits are that users can purchase products at a lower price, and manufacturers and sellers can promote sales and manage inventory in a short period of time. But since it cannot be an always-on option for a lot of brands, the initial promotion of the Talk Deal release to customers is important. Then, which Kakao sections can expose the Talk Deal event?

The Talk Deal service is exposed to Kakao Shopping, Daum mobile shopping tab, Fashion by Kakao, and Kakao Mart. Since Talk Deal is a KakaoTalk-based shopping service used by over 50 million people, the brand promotion effect is great. Furthermore, some Talk Deal products selected by Kakao Commerce merchandisers are promoted as notification messages to those who have followed the Kakao Shopping channel. As of December 2021, the number of Kakao Shopping channel friends reached more than 4.86 million.

In order to expose Talk Deal products to each of the service areas that were mentioned previously, it is necessary to set up stores and products at the Talk Store Seller Center. The set-up method is different for each store and product. The exposure method follows the internal operation policy which the brand must remember. The possibility of exposure increases depending on the competitive price, product review, image quality, and compliance with the product registration guide.

Then how can consumers purchase Talk Deal products after the brand exposes Talk Deal products using Kakao? Consumers can click on what is designated as a “Talk Deal” product within Kakao Shopping and select a “Talk Deal price” which provides a discounted price. If a user selects Talk Deal price, the user can open the deal and can participate in the deal, and buy the product immediately. A minimum of two people must gather to purchase Talk Deal goods, so if a user opens the deal, they need  to wait for another person to participate. If someone else participates in the open deal, the product can be purchased immediately. Deal opening only lasts 24 hours. If no other buyers appear within 24 hours, the deal disappears. However, by clicking the “Buy Right Now” button, the customer has the option to purchase the product right away regardless of the second buyer joining, but the product would be bought at the regular price. The price of “direct purchase” and the price of “Talk Deal” are posted side by side. In addition, consumers who purchase goods through Talk Deal receive additional “Kakao Points.” The first deal participant of the Talk Deal receives 1% of the product amount and other deal participants receive 0.5% of the product amount as Kakao Point. Kakao Point can be used like cash on Kakao Commerce platforms, such as KakaoTalk Gift.

In addition to the benefit of being able to purchase goods at a low price, the fact that customers can earn Kakao Point draws a lot of consumers. This is due to the fact that there are already many Kakao Pay users. Exposing a brand’s Talk Deal products throughout Kakao’s various exposure areas, not only increases sales but also brand awareness. In order to increase continuous engagement with consumers, services such as Kakao Shopping Live can also be used within Kakao Shopping in addition to Talk Deal. Tune in to our next monthly insight posting to learn more on how to utilize Kakao Shopping Live.

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