Turn Your Kakao On

Previously, we checked out more features on ‘Talk Deal’. Talk Deal enables customers to not only  purchase the products at a low price but also gain the Kakao Point once they purchase the Talk Deal goods. Exposing a brand’s Talk Deal products throughout Kakao’s various exposure areas can increase both sales and brand awareness. In order to increase continuous engagement with consumers, services such as Kakao Shopping Live can also be used within Kakao Shopping along with Talk Deal.

Lately, especially due to COVID-19, live commerce platforms such as Kakao Shopping Live, Naver Shopping Live, and so on have become popular. Kakao Shopping Live is to be highly considered by brands since they already have a strong customer base. In general, fashion and beauty brands use live commerce the most. Even the premium brands are trying to initiate live commerce contents recently. As of May 2021, Kakao Shopping Live has accumulated 50 million viewers over the past year according to Kakao Commerce. The average number of views per broadcast is 140,000, and the average transaction amount of brands per broadcast is 100 million KRW.

Kakao has been piloting ‘Talk Deal Live’, a live commerce service that allows customers to purchase goods at low prices through joint purchase since 2019. And Kakao started its live commerce business through its first broadcast of ‘Kakao Shopping Live’ in May 2020. Kakao Shopping Live is a service that allows users to purchase goods while watching real-time videos in KakaoTalk chat rooms. If a user follows the KakaoTalk channel of Kakao Shopping Live, a user can receive notification messages and watch live commerce videos.

Due to the influence of COVID-19, not only does it accelerate digital strategies, but also there are three main reasons why Kakao Shopping Live was able to achieve such successful results. This is due to the fact that it is serviced within an influential platform used by all local audiences of KakaoTalk, and that high-quality broadcasting was introduced by establishing its own studio. In addition, in March 2021, a separate ‘Kakao Shopping’ tab was created on KakaoTalk, expanding user accessibility even more.

Also, from a brand’s perspective, Kakao Shopping Live is one of the effective tools for a seamless customer journey. For example, in July 2021, one of Amore Pacific’s beauty brands, Etude House initiated the live show on Kakao. Kakao Shopping Live channel sent the push message to the followers of the channel about the live show. Once a user clicks the CTA, it is directly linked to the live shopping link so that the users can watch it right away. During the show, the show hosts put on Etude House’s products. In addition, the discount event was held exclusively on Kakao Shopping Live during the broadcast. When scrolled down, all the products that were promoted during the live show were available to purchase.

As you can see, Kakao Shopping Live is a potential tool for the easy and convenient customer journey as customers can find the information, watch the live commerce, and even purchase the products via Kakao Pay. This seamless experience eventually leads customers to come across a positive brand experience.

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