How to effectively reach Korean customers?
Asiance decided to provide an innovative solution to this often-asked question. This solution is TAKO: the key for sending personalized messages Kakao messages or maximum impact.

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, businesses face the challenge of effectively engaging with their customers. TAKO, an innovative omnichannel customer engagement platform, is the solution for marketers in Korea to achieve personalized communication experiences on a large scale. With TAKO, brands, and businesses can seamlessly connect with their audience through the multitude of features offered by Kakao. TAKO fosters stronger brand-customer relationships and enhances the overall customer experience, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. TAKO is the entry to a more profound and effective level of customer engagement designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern marketing in the Korean landscape.

TAKO: Your Gateway to Kakaotalk’s Potential

As the most used digital service in South Korea, KakaoTalk has a crucial role in every marketing strategy of businesses. However, the diversity of features offered by this service can be overwhelming. As a result, KakaoTalk’s full potential is often not seized. To counteract this tendency, marketers need well-fitted tools. That is where Asiance’s TAKO comes into play—a powerful solution for businesses seeking effective communication with their Korean clientele. Seamlessly integrating with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, TAKO simplifies workflows for businesses seeking to engage with Korean customers. TAKO offers a variety of functions enabling brands to access insightful statistics about their messages and templates, but also set up, schedule, and send targeted messages. Additionally, it facilitates creating, managing, and submitting templates for KakaoTalk’s inspection process.

Why KakaoTalk Is a Must-Have Tool in Korean Digital Marketing?

In an era where the average email opening rate of 21.33% (Mailmunch, 2023), it’s evident that traditional communication channels are becoming less effective. To thrive in today’s fast-paced world, businesses need channels that ensure higher accessibility and engagement. That’s where KakaoTalk, South Korea’s leading messaging app, takes the stage, with a 40% open rate, and demonstrates high conversion rates with various message formats such as text, images, and video carousels. Understanding KakaoTalk is crucial for companies targeting the Korean market or brands striving for growth.

Kakao: Not Just Another Messaging App

KakaoTalk isn’t your regular messaging app; it’s a dynamic ecosystem with a diverse range of features. It encompasses a vast platform, including mobility services like Kakao T, e-commerce such as Kakao Shopping Live and Kakao Gift, fintech represented by KakaoPay, diverse media, and content like Melon and Kakao Page. With 42 million out of 52 million Koreans using Kakao, it is undoubtedly Koreans’ most intimate digital channel.

Elevate Your Brand’s Marketing Strategies with KakaoTalk Channel

KakaoTalk channels are particularly crucial in brand marketing, providing a platform for brands to communicate more closely with customers. Basic and push-paid messages allow customers to receive the latest brand news and updates, while regular content can be published on Kakao TV or with organic posting. Besides, to maximize customer touchpoints, brands can use Kakao Moment Ads. Finally, KakaoTalk supports all CRM and sales needs with integrated services like chatbots, Talk Store, simple payments, emoticons, and social log-ins.

Alimtalk vs. Friendtalk: Understanding the Difference

KakaoTalk offers two prominent paid message services for brands.

  • Alimtalk is designed for delivering informative messages exclusively. It’s ideal for sharing information on delivery status, order confirmations, event invitations, reward points, or payment history. Users don’t need to follow the brand’s KakaoTalk Channel; they simply need a linked phone number. It’s practical for ensuring important information reaches the customer.
  • Friendtalk allows brands to send targeted marketing messages. Users must follow the KakaoTalk brand channel to receive these messages and have a linked phone number. This channel is pivotal for brands aiming to maximize marketing effectiveness, particularly when the messages sent are highly efficient.

TAKO encompasses all local messaging formats prevalent in Korea, including AlimTalk, FriendTalk, email, MMS, and LMS. It sends messages in the most suitable format for customers and, if the primary format is unavailable, can be set to send messages in alternative formats.

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