Get your Customer Journey Started with Just One Click- Kakao Sync

In our last posting, we looked through the gift review function within Kakao Gift, its significance and their way of gathering customer data. Furthermore, we learned that analyzing customer data by the various services within Kakao such as Kakao Sync is necessary to increase a brand’s conversion and to effectively communicate with customers. This time, we will go into details about Kakao Sync.

Kakao Sync is a business solution focused on convenient user management and marketing. The service offers the user to view and select the agreement of terms of service by log via KakaoTalk, along with the option that the user can provide saved personal information in one click, which makes the signup process much more convenient. This membership registration service provides brands with users’ information that are necessary in online shopping malls, such as the delivery address and contact information. Brands are able to easily and quickly increase the number of new memberships using the convenient membership system without going through a complicated process of applications and information inserts. Kakao Sync, Kakao’s own upgraded version of the original social login system, was launched 3 years ago and is now expanding rapidly with over 5,000 partner brands. According to Kakao, various brands such as Nike, Modetour, Gmarket, Korea Yakult, Hyundai Department Store, Bucketplace, etc. are already using Kakao Sync. After implementing Kakao Sync and creating a Kakao Channel, the number of followers for Korea Yakult increased by 80% and 50% for Hyundai Department Store. In the case of Bucketplace, 4 months after introducing Kakao Sync, the number of Kakao followers dramatically surged from 80 thousand to 770 thousand. Kakao Sync is not only an effective service to gain Kakao followers, but also a means to collect customer data and perform advanced marketing. Before going into more details about Kakao Sync’s features, let’s briefly compare Kakao Sync with the original Social Login system.

The Kakao Social Login can be understood as a convenient membership signup service. When customers try to join a specific brand’s e-commerce website, the complicated membership process is one of the main reasons for customers to drop out. Kakao social login helps to prevent this issue and is a manageable system where the membership process can be completed by just clicking the ‘Kakao Login’ button. This is possible because the ‘Kakao Login’ button links the pre-saved personal information of the customers who already have a Kakao account to the brand’s website. Then what are the additional functions that Kakao Sync offers? Other than the convenient membership service, Kakao Sync’s main distinction is that it provides basic customer information, an overview to the agreement of terms of service, and an option for users to subscribe to a brand’s KakaoTalk Channel – all in one page. With just one click, customers are able to join a membership of a brand while Kakao Sync is able to create the synergy effect by connecting the 2 platforms; Kakao develops and Kakao Channel. However, brands should be aware that Kakao only provides limited information about the user (customer). Whereas it is true that brands are able to obtain the customer database through Kakao Sync, Kakao also values users’ privacy. Kakao ensures that by only revealing the customer’s user ID, gender and purchase details. The user’s name, occupation, and other information cannot be collected through Kakao Sync. Then despite these limitations, why should brands consider the integration of Kakao Sync? The key benefits lie in the convenient membership registration,  provision of service user ID, target marketing, and automatic login system. 

The ‘convenient membership’ system minimizes the inconvenience of the membership process by making the membership agreement procedure easier and more convenient to complete, compared to the original social login. The service user ID fetches necessary and relevant customer information by linking the user’s Kakao account with the e-commerce database. After the customer completes the convenient membership process, a Kakao service user ID is created, which the brands can use when choosing their target customers and sending messages. Brands can also make use of the user ID for other Kakao business communications such as Alim Talk, Sangdam Talk, etc. In addition, target marketing helps brands effectively use their customer data and communicate to the right customer in a more sophisticated and advanced way. Using Kakao Sync, brands can divide the customer groups according to the accumulated data (service membership, visit, purchase details etc) and send out the most suitable push messages to the right customers. When sending push messages or ads within Kakao, brands can target various customers according to gender, age, region, and so on. Lastly, the ‘automatic login’ is a system that skips the login process and directly leads users to the purchase section. It is not time-consuming for customers to visit a brand’s service by Kakao push messages or ads, but the complicated login and self-identification process is the reason why many customers drop out. However, Kakao Sync has an internalized login system which is automatically saved, so customers can easily reach the purchase, subscription, application, reservation process without logging in every time.   

Kakao Sync is now one of the potential business solutions that brands should think of implementing. By using Kakao Sync, brands can increase the number of Kakao fans of their own channels, increase their website membership rate and also perform sophisticated target marketing with the data given by Kakao Sync. Now that each different customer group’s behavior, trend and characteristics are becoming diverse, a more detailed customer analysis has become more important than ever, which highlights once again the significance of the Kakao Sync service.

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