I’ve just met with my good friend Laurent Haug, founder of the LIFT conference.  He gave us more information about the next conference (Theme: “Serious Fun!”) that will take place on the beautiful island of Jeju next month:

Social networks, online games, robots, communicating objects: these technologies and services were originally designed for entertainment purposes. They are now giving birth to a whole new range of opportunities and challenges. Games are used for education. Robots are linking patients and doctors. Social networks are the playground of marketers and recruiters.

Are these “fun” technologies changing as they become more and more “serious”? What new opportunities and challenges are arising from this ecosystem in the making?

Lift Asia 09 will explore these questions, and focus on the examples provided by communicating objects, social networks, design, architecture, storytelling and community engagement. The conference will also feature an open program where members of the audience can present their ideas and projects, and we will have our traditional sessions on sustainable development and inspiring stories.

If you live in South Korea and would like to meet Laurent, don’t hesitate to contact us; he will be staying in Seoul until next Tuesday.  You can also register to attend the conference by going directly to the registration page.