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In May, as the borders of our charming Jeongdong street grew lush with foliage, Asiance’s founders Olivier Mouroux and Bosun Kim sat for an interview with Kahee Kim, a journalist for economyplus.chosun.com.

The article delves into the past, recounting the story of Asiance from its very first steps in 2004. Looking at the present firm, composed of more than 25 employees and with yearly profits of 3 billion won, it is difficult to imagine that the company was created from scratch only eight short years ago. No doubt the diversity of the founders in both gender and nationality provided them with unique perspectives, allowing them to guide the company to an average yearly growth rate of 30%.

You may also be interested in some anecdotes about the company. For instance, were you aware that the name ‘Asiance’ stems from the merger of the words ‘Asia’ and ‘alliance’?  Or that finding the best location for the office turned out to be something of an ordeal?

When we were first looking for an office, we really scoured all the possible locations in Seoul.  When we, all three founders, bumped into the building that we ended up choosing for Asiance, it was simply loved at first sight (laughs). And now, whenever we receive visitors from other countries, they can’t stop praising the charming cobbled street, which is beautiful year-round.  Here, you can say that the elegance of Korea is preserved undamaged.” (Olivier Mouroux)

Briefly describing Asiance’s projects, particularly the longstanding partnership with Lacoste, the article also focuses on the multicultural features of the company, including its recent expansion to China and Japan thanks to its newly founded partnership with Bilcom.

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