Introducing the fifth Asiancer interview, showcasing the uniqueness of Asiance.

For our fifth interview, we talked with the CX Innovation Director, Seungyeon Kim!

1. Please explain the work you do at the CX unit.

We offer all the services the brand needs on each consumer journey. Asiance will provide training on the local digital market to brands who start their business in the Korean market for the first time. Also, we can provide digital transformation consulting or digital workshops to those who have a slow understanding of the digital due to the characteristics of their industry. Certainly, we also do consulting for e-commerce platforms and site development for sales drives, the ultimate purpose of the business.

2. What aspects do you focus on when hiring for the CX Unit?

We tend to focus on whether one can:

– Watch the situation with an estranged perspective

– Approach the unknown with curiosity instead of fear

– Have the ability to solve problems

– Have communication intelligence

Being able to speak a little bit of English always helps!

3. What careers can you develop in the CX Unit?

We have been laser-focused on enhancing our collective intelligence in digital strategy, which means individuals can also grow their career as a Digital strategist, digital marketing consultant, UX/UX strategist, e-commerce sales manager with whatever it takes for the digital field.

4. What direction is the CX Unit pursuing in the future?

Agencies have always served as problem solvers in any field. Even more so in the era of digital transformation. Moving forward, we would continue to provide advice, guides and services needed to grow their business across all the industries, all throughout their customer journey.

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