Introducing the sixth Asiancer interview, showcasing the uniqueness of Asiance.

For our sixth interview, we met with the Senior UX/UI Designer, Hyuna Kim!

1.eWhat kind of projects are carried out by the Design Team? 

The Marketing/UX unit in Asiance designs the overall construction, operation, and proposal that is needed.
We produce B2B/B2C sites of various brands, including reservation sites and microsites of luxury brands, and we also work on banners and proposals related to Kakao and Naver platforms, which are mainly conducted by the marketing team.
The Business Development team and the Design Team handle most of the products and visuals, such as workshops, self-platform development, and campaigns needed for New Leads.

2. What are the differences between the work of a designer at Asiance and the work of designers at other companies?

Due to the nature of being an international company and working internationally, there are two main differences.

First of all, thanks to the horizontal working environment, even junior designers can become design PLs and freely voice their opinions. If you are willing and hardworking, the opportunity for personal growth is wide open. The next difference comes from culture and language. Working with people from various cultural backgrounds requires an open mind and flexibility. There is also a need for linguistic understanding to catch details while communicating in English.

3. Please introduce a few skills that are required for the job.

I think concept ideation takes up the highest proportion. We go through various tasks to identify brand identity and their requirements, then derive design concepts accordingly. Throughout the ideation process, starting from benchmarking related references, we propose design concepts and create visual and design guides. I think this planning process is one of the most important because we always need to think about how to effectively express the company’s identity, not only for other brands but also for the overall campaign and platform work within Asiance.

4. Is there something you would like to say to the “soon to be” designers that are watching this interview? 

The designers of Asiance are required to have the ability to work independently with a sense of responsibility based on a free and horizontal culture. We need talented people who work actively with their own clear design philosophy. If you have an eye for detail and good design, the willingness for perfection, and an open mind to various environments, please apply!