Introducing the first Asiancer interview, showcasing the uniqueness of Asiance.

For our first interview, we talked with the co-founder of Asiance, Bosun Kim.

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Could you please explain what “Brandtech Partner” means as it appears on the Asiance website?

A Brandtech Partner is a type of partner that “connects brands and technologies.” In a digital world that has increasingly complex needs, we believe the next level of a digital agency is Brandtech partner. Brands need to quickly discover and implement innovative solutions in this fast-paced digital ecosystem, and need a Brandtech partner such as Asiance to do so.

What is Asiance doing to stay ahead in the industry?

Using the experience and insights we’ve accumulated over the past 17 years, we’re currently in development of a data platform for clients to quickly access digital trends and insights reports with ease, and plan to launch the platform next year.
In addition we’ve launched and are currently operating an internal knowledge learning platform, the Asiance digital academy. 

What is the ultimate vision and direction of Asiance?

To help brands evolve and develop sustainable growth through our understanding and implementation expertise of global networking, digital marketing, and creativity. As a company we ultimately desire to contribute to making the world a better place.   

For those who are passionate and interested in this vision, join us through our Asiance website.