Introducing the fourth Asiancer interview, showcasing the uniqueness of Asiance.
For our fourth interview, we talked with our HR Manager, Yoonkyung Lee.
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As an HR manager, what is your primary goal for employees?

Ultimately, my goal is to allow employees to positively experience and enjoy the entire process from application, interviews, and recruitment/resignation. While this all seems like a quick process being described in one sentence, I think the experience of being part of the company should play a role in helping each employee develop professional skills and grow in reaching both their immediate and future career goals.

What makes Asiance a competitive player in the market?

I believe the most differentiating aspect of Asiance that makes us as competitive as we are, is our unique cultural backgrounds, a kind of diversity of culture that gives us an international business perspective and mind. For example, we recently introduced a new welfare system to improve the working environment and life of our employees, and we found that it would be important not just to apply the same system as other companies, but to adapt and incorporate the welfare to make it our own, and incorporate it into our Asiance culture. To do this, we always need to have a definitive purpose and goal, and I think this approach goes a long way in keeping us competitive in the market. 

Any words for our current and future Asiancers?

As the digital industry is quite a young industry there are many team members whose first company is Asiance, or are still in the early years of the work-life. Personally, I have worked with various industries, business scales, and diverse age-groups, and experienced the multitude of struggles and thought-processes that people go through throughout their career. With this background, I can truly understand the hardships that come from professional life, and can offer objective advice to anyone who is willing to reach out for help!  

What do you think is the role of an HR manager in terms of the company’s vision?

My role as the HR manager is to hire qualified candidates at the right time to help Asiance properly position ourselves as a Brandtech Partner, a higher level of digital agency, to ultimately help our growth as the most competent partner for our clients.