Introducing the third Asiancer interview, showcasing the uniqueness of Asiance.

For our third interview, we talked with our Dev team leader Yvonne about development.

Check out the interview!

What brought you to Asiance?

I grew up in Belgium and always wanted to explore a new culture. One day, I came across the job opening of Asiance and thought it was the best package in terms of diverse environment and dynamic working place, and from the point that there were many opportunities to work for various luxury brands with employees in the international environment.

Can you please briefly explain the main task of Developers in Asiance?

Developers are responsible for bringing abstract ideas and conceptual design to life, transforming them into practical real life products.

In Asiance, we mainly help overseas brands create their digital presence in South Korea by adapting their services to the local market.

When recruiting a Developer in Asiance, what skills are important?

It is important for a developer to have a problem-solving mindset and to never stop learning. 

Web development is a fast-changing field where the things you’ve learned might only end up helping you learn another technology, be it old or new. Ultimately, your soft skills will be more determining than your technical skills.

What kind of career path do you prefer when you hire developers in Asiance?

I would be more inclined to hire someone who has experience working in an agency. Agencies are fast-paced environments that require flexibility, multitasking, quick-thinking, and execution, so applicants with agency experience will be more readily able to enjoy this vibe.

But if you don’t have the experience, I think it will be okay if you know how to enjoy change.

 If you were not a developer, what do you think you would be doing for a living?

I have always wanted to be part of an events planning team. I enjoy being backstage more than participating in events as a guest, and also coming up with ideas and making them happen. It somehow gives me the feeling of being part of the VIP without really being a VIP 😉