Understand the E-commerce Ecosystem of Naver and Kakao


You’ve heard that Naver and Kakao are important in Korea, but you don’t fully understand the services that exist within these platforms or know how to leverage them as a brand. Naver and Kakao are extremely important in the Korean digital ecosystem as they cover all customer services ranging from awareness, and conversion to retention. Additionally, Naver and Kakao influence all areas of life within offline and online spaces.

As of February 2022, Naver had an MAU of 43.2 million which was 83.4% of the Korean population. Kakao had an MAU of 47.4 million which was 91.4% of the Korean population. These two statistics demonstrate the significance and dominance of Naver and Kakao in Korea.

For those who aren’t as familiar with Naver and Kakao, let’s take a look at some of the ways that Naver and Kakao are taking part in customers’ everyday lives.

  • Send & receive gifts from friends without meeting in person (Kakao)
  • Search on a localized search engine (Naver)
  • Learn about products or services through review blogs (Naver)
  • Compare prices for products (Naver)
  • Purchase products online and pay via simple payment methods (Naver & Kakao)
  • Send messages to friends and family (Kakao)
  • Receive latest updates on brands of interest (Naver & Kakao)
  • Watch live shows to learn about certain products (Naver & Kakao)
  • Make reservations for restaurants, hair salons, and more (Naver & Kakao)

As a brand, there are so many touchpoints to utilize throughout a customer’s everyday life, and with the high usage rates of the two platforms, it has become easier to reach customers. 


The report goes into the various e-commerce services of Naver and Kakao, touching on the very basic services that a brand needs in e-commerce. The report provides an overview of each platform, explanation of what the various services entail, and their importance. It also looks at the benefits of the services from both a customer’s and brand’s point of view. Lastly, the report looks at how luxury is being implemented into each platform. Below are the key topics that are covered: 

  • Naver E-commerce
    • Naver Overview
    • Naver Ecosystem as an E-commerce Platform
    • Naver Shopping
    • Naver Payment Service
    • Luxury in Naver

  • Kakao E-commerce
    • Kakao Overview
    • Kakao Shopping
    • KakaoTalk Gift
    • Kakao Pay
    • Luxury in Kakao

  • Takeaways Regarding Naver and Kakao E-commerce


  • You want to understand the importance of Naver and Kakao e-commerce in Korea
  • You want to know how you can leverage Naver and Kakao as a brand
  • You want an overview of the Naver and Kakao e-commerce services and functions


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